Organization: CJ HelloVision
Co-worker: Jaeseung Park, Jieun Kim

Date: Feb, 2016 - July, 2016


UX Researcher / Designer


Usage Data Analysis,
UI Design

Key Features

Although a set-top-box offers lots of convenient functions, it is difficult for users to use them. The HelloTV Companion app helps users utilize diverse functions easily, including purchasing video content, recording TV shows, and blocking inappropriate programs for children.

Moreover, it also supports the n-screen service, which is watching a live broadcast TV program and VoD (Video-on-Demand) contents.
Users enjoy various functions of TV and can watch video content anywhere.


User Behavior Analysis

For better user experience, we first performed quantitative analysis. We used user log from set-top box and companion I, and visualized them by Kibana. This analysis helped us to design UI, and promote the service.

User Interface