People intensively absorb fictional worlds. Compared to our often mundane lives, the fictional world is full of excitement. I do believe there is no reason for us not to live in such imaginary spaces. With human dignity, each person deserves to be a main character in the world. A person's life should be full of exhilaration. As technology rapidly develops, my ultimate goal is to construct a physical space with various devices and let people feel experiences with their five senses, as if they are in a game or movie.

Even though I am surrounded by a lot of people, I still feel isolated. I am frustrated with the fact that no one can satisfy my loneliness. To combat this feeling, I've started to find people with similar interests or philosophies as I have online. It is strange that I feel deeply connected with someone who I've never actually seen. I can't be 100% certain that they are a real human being, they might be an AI. However, our relationships have continued for a long time and become a crucial factor for my personality development. A relationship online is not just simple technology, but it has an important social impact. People soon build social networks focused on mutual interests. The meaning of ‘friends’ or ‘relations’ changes from sharing physical proximity to being like-minded. For this technological utopia, my role is dealing with potential risks such as crime, privacy and wrong information.