Use various TV functions with your mobile


Watch TV programs anytime and anywhere


Although a set-top-box offers lots of convenient functions, it is difficult for users to use them. The HelloTV Companion app helps users utilize diverse functions easily, including purchasing video content, recording TV shows, and blocking inappropriate programs for children.

Moreover, it also supports the n-screen service, which is watching a live broadcast TV program and VoD (Video-on-Demand) contents.
Users enjoy various functions of TV and can watch video content anywhere.

Organization: CJ HelloVision
Role: Research, UI/UX Design
Date: Feb, 2016 - July, 2016


< Julia >

- Age: 30-40
- Occupation: House Worker
- Contents Taste: Drama, Comedy Show
- When & Where they use:
    In house, Between house work

< Tom >

- Age: 30-40
- Occupation: Office Worker
- Contents Taste: Film, +19 Contents
- When & Where they use:
   In mass transit, During Commute,
   In house, After work

< Lisa >

- Age: 6-13
- Occupation: Student
- Contents Taste: Animation
- When & Where they use:
   Anywhere with parents, Anytime with parents


Interview date: March, 2016
The number of people: 20
Age range: 8 - 56
Occupation: Office worker(45%), House worker(35%), Student(20%)
Sex: Male(50%), Female(50%)

- Learned user's detailed service, using patterns and user's specific function needs.
- Modified previously created 3 types of persona more specifically.


  • - Deep understanding about users, which I cannot get through analysis database and voice of customer.
  • - Since TV is a lean-back device, I tried to not add too many complicated functions.
  • - When they have trouble with the service, most of the users blame themselves and not to complain it. Therefore, when designing a       service, user interview is really important to get an insightful idea.
  • - Most of the users agree with the brand-new functions.
  • - It is hard for users to download this mobile app, so, it should be promoted through the TV screen.