Date: Nov, 2013






How it started?

One day, during midterm week, I went to a library because I did not want to study at all. I opened my favorite author's old book and found a library card that is no longer used in the 21st century. I wondered who borrowed this old and unpopular book. I noticed a student's ID on the library card and desired to speak with him/her. Many question raced through my mind: Why did you borrow this book? Did you like this writer? How did you see the world at that time? Suddenly, I was surrounded by an enormous inspiration: I should create my personal name tag to meet people with diverse backgrounds and learn how they understand this world.


Main concept of Business Card

I wished that when people saw my Business Card that they would break into a smile; so, I put several jokes and a hilarious (but cute) picture of me on my name tag. In addition, I wrote some words on my name tag in order to begin small talk. I did not forget the "limited edition mark" to make people believe that they were really special to me.


What Happen Then

To verify the effect of the name tag, I checked how many people searched about me on online using my blog analytics system. When they searched about me or some keywords on my name tag, my blog came up on the first line of the search results. People visited my blog; hence, felt more intimate with me. I hope this improves our relationship.