Organization: CJ HelloVision
Co-worker: Jieun Kim
Date: Apr, 2015 - Oct, 2015


UI Designer,
Service Designer


UI Design,
Service Design

Many products on TV with celebrities look so gorgeous. However, it is hard to find what the product is because it just quickly disappears from the screen. Even though you are successful in finding the product on the internet, you still struggle with buying it.

'That Thing on TV' app gathers every single product and categorizes it with the content. In addition, this service offers a link to the right online shopping site.



That Thing on TV connects the sponsor and the shopping mall. Before the TV program is on air, the sponsor input the sponsored product information. When the TV program is on air, users can check relevant information via That Thing on TV, and purchase the product. In the end, all stakeholders get benefit from That Thing on TV.

User Interface