HelloTV Layout Refinement: Watch your favorite TV show comfortably, leaning back on the couch.

HelloTV service is a cable interactive TV service with a set-top-box. This layout is designed to focus on the lean-back model. Each function is designed to be controlled by the remote controller.

Some of the functions had an error in the service scenario, therefore, I refined them, such as inadequate VOD contents search result, insufficient contents information, and confusing contents purchasing process, etc.

Organization: CJ HelloVision
Role: Research, UI/UX Design
Date: Jan, 2016 - Feb, 2016

< VoD Search Engine >


< VoD Recommendation >


< VoD Contents Information >

- Add a 'Watch next episode' menu
- Make a keyword of TV crews and give a link to search VOD with their name

< VoD Contents List >

- Add a film information in left side
- Put a directory in upper-left side